A full service is running at all HTS hospitals                                                 HospiCom3 now available!                                                 Mobile phones can affect medical equipment and harm patients. You must switch off your mobile phone in the hospital.                                     Please be aware that VAT will go up in January 2011 and this will be reflected in our TV prices.

Fair Pricing Policy

HTS offer services to patients at rates that they can afford on a pay-as-you go basis. We find that Patients are more relaxed and comfortable using affordable services and therefore use them more. This benefits Staff because the Patients are more relaxed and content and it benefits Patients because they enjoy using the services.

Incoming calls are charged to the caller and not the Patient and are charged at:

0871 666 = 10p per minute
0709 69X XXXX = 23p per minute
0707 78X XXXX = 30p per minute
0707 85X XXXX = 33p per minute
0700 89X XXXX = 42p per minute

Rates quoted are from BT landlines and are the approved OFCOM rates for these numbers.
Costs from other suppliers may vary and you should check with your provider the rates they may charge you.
All prices are plus VAT.

In addition to our rates for incoming calls patients who wish to keep in touch with family & friends whilst in your hospital are charged only 10p per minute to make a call to anywhere in the UK.